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At UC Santa Cruz, I was fortunate in taking a photography class and a design class. My photo Professor Karolina Karlic was a huge influences in my photography journey.  It was definitely an experience that has helped me grow as an artist.

Karolina Karlic, a kind spirited individual who knows her craft very well pushes you to constantly keep exploring and to deliver your best. I am by no means a professional photographer, yet I learned many key attributes in the Photography realm that help me in my design work and animation field.

The critical feedback that I received was important in gaining presentation skills and learning to speak about your work.  I learned the history of Photography, the basics of Shutter Speed and Aperture, read an Intro to Photography textbook, got to spend time developing and learning how to use the dark room. Moreover,  I’ve met incredible friends and individuals who have inspired me to look closely at the world.

I worked in the Dark room with my good friend Caroline and with the help of her and many people I was able to learn and produce my own analog images in the dark room. I think having that knowledge helps a ton to see the differences between digital and non. It give’s me another layer of what I’m doing digitally in Photoshop and to appreciate analog photography. It’s a lost art.

In this space Caroline and I  met a fellow artist by the name of Shawheen Keyani. He was a major help in guiding us in the dark room. I learned some dodging and burning techniques with his aid. Contrast properties, using the enlarger machine, and using the dark room developer efficiently.

My professors were a major guidance in teaching me Photoshop and design. I was taught the importance of a  clean workspace, how to retouch, mask, sizing your images properly for printing, curve/level tools, layering, lasso tool, making Gifs, typography and many important basics in Photoshop. Very grateful for being mentored by them.

As of now I have a Panasonic G7 and ready to experiment and continue my film/photo journey. Excited for new claymations and landscape photography. Stay tune…