About the Artist

Born and raised in West Covina, CA and the Bay Area. 

William is an artist who currently resides in Redwood City, constantly evolving and growing his career in fine arts.

A University of California,  Santa Cruz graduate who enjoys outdoor painting, animation, and learning from many influential individuals. His passions involve painting, basketball, soccer, and he is an avid cyclist. At a young age, his 2nd grade teacher Ms. Sanchez in, Mesa Elementary School,  was a huge inspiration and incredible role model who pushed Will to become an artist.  Today, Will is constantly learning and evolving perfecting his craft every single day.


The life question I grew up hearing and my response:

Who do you want to be when you grow up?….

I want to be an Animator, a Filmmaker, a writer, a scientific/astronomer observer, game designer, and someone who seeks discomfort in a positive and intellectual manner.

I’m someone who wants to learn from creators, tinkers, and innovators. I am an individual with an incredible love for life. Enjoying the small details in life and striving to be a better human being by helping the community, family, and people who need support. Ultimately, I am an artist!!

Curriculum Vitae

    William N Escobar
    702 College Nine Rd., UCSC, CA
    95064, Santa Cruz, CA
    Contact me at : willescobar6084@gmail.com
    Cell Number: (650)-421-XXX:   Email Me First.
    Professional Qualification:  B.A Degree in Art & Digital Media from University of CA, Santa Cruz.
    Learned many techniques and teachings from: Robin Hunike, Karolina Karlic, Elliot Anderson,  Laurie Palmer, Melissa Gwyn, Enrique Leal and Peter Loftus so many others.
    Knowledge in basics in Philosophy,  Oceanography, Writing, Film Theory, Statistics, Bio-Technology I & II.
    Key Software that I’m proficient in: Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Blender, Adobe Flash and many more.
    1. Collective Museum Exhibition 2016
    -An innovative participatory exhibition by Portland-based artist group Public Doors and Windows that
    encompasses 50 sites in the UCSC campus. To mark the project’s launch, the Institute of the Art and Science at UC Santa Cruz announced a tandem exhibition at the Mary Porter Senson Gallery. I participated and created a clay model for display with fellow colleagues. It was an exciting experience displaying my model for display and honoring an individual from UCSC. Artist, Harrell Fletcher and his passion for art-making was a huge inspiration as well as Professor. Laurie Palmer.
    2. Open Studios Participant- UC Santa Cruz 2014-2018
    -Displayed various art pieces and digital work for display, most notable a 3D modeled tennis racket created in Blender.
    For Resume please follow my LinkedIn: